Choosing wedding dresses sounds like fun doesn’t it! Well the truth of the matter is it is, but its also quite hard work choosing the new collections – honestly!

Earlier this month Team BB left Torquay after a busy Saturday in the Boutique and took to the road all the way up to Harrogate where the biggest Bridal wear trade show takes place. After a refreshing snooze and an early Sunday start we went armed with all of our notes of what we were looking for. Comfy shoes on we were ready to start our first research lap of the exhibition, now this place is huge so getting your bearings takes a while, or maybe that’s just us!

harrogate 2017

We rather sensibly visited all of our designers first before getting carried away with all the other prettiness to see, we only have two days to do this remember so we have to stay focused (which is pretty hard especially when your are being handed fizz, cake and sweets for most of the day!)

H & A Harrogate

Day 1 ended with an amazing catwalk show (and more fizz) in the most amazing theatre, our bridal enthusiasm is at a real high after day 1 and we have the important job of ordering on day 2 so off for an early night we go! (well a meal and a few more drinks first just to talk over the findings of the day 😉 of course!)

Catwalk Harrogate 2017

Day 2, comfy shoes back on, action plan in place and sensible no fizz head on! Off we go, orders confirmed and placed with our fab designers and great to have a long chat with one of the designers Ken from Kenneth Winston (ok one Bellini to celebrate a good job done!) Off to see new things! We have for ages been wanting to find new accessories for you lovely ladies, so we have got some beautiful things arriving soon for you to see – watch this space!

When choosing all of the things we have at The Bridal Box we not only pick the things that we love we also listen to you and make sure we pick things that you have been asking for, whether it is a shape of a dress, type of fabric or style of accessory. These trips are important for us to make sure that we aren’t missing anything that we think you should see and I’m happy to say we haven’t!

From price points to suits all pockets and dress styles and sizes to suit all bodies we have something for everyone!

Now back to helping you to dress for your perfect wedding, we are fired up and ready to get you booked in!

Love Team BB xx