So you’ve picked ‘The One’ – your dress that is! You can’t wait for everyone to see you wearing it but first you have to pick your accessories!

To belt or not to belt, that is the question…Of course its a personal choice, but if you feel like;

  1. You want more sparkle
  2. You want to emphasise your waist
  3. You want more sparkle
  4. You want to add more detail to your dress
  5. You want more sparkle (you get the idea!)

Then a belt can be the perfect finishing touch, you can match it with your jewellery, have one that sits just at the front of your dress or one that goes all the way around your dress nipping in your waist! To see all of our belts head to our accessory page!

Bring on the Crown Jewels!

Now not every Bride wants to wear a Crown worthy of Princess Kate but wearing something in your hair adds a little something! Hair vines are a big thing now and a great way of having something pinned into your hair that will feel light, secure and will look pretty, so don’t rule out that extra bit of sparkle, you can keep it quite subtle, Head over to see our Hair accessories to find the perfect bit of sparkle for you!


Hand over the Family Heirlooms..

Ok so we haven’t all got jewels that have been in the family for hundreds of years and even if we did I think we all like things a little more subtle nowadays! Jewellery is definitely a less is more thing, you may not need a necklace if you have a dress with an illusion neckline so go for statement earrings instead and a bracelet, but if you are having a necklace have the matching earrings too, it then makes life easier trying to match everything up and all ties in nicely! Take a look at our lovely jewellery page for added sparkle!


An Extra Layer!

It may not be for warmth that you pick a shrug, it may be to cover your shoulders in Church or just to hide that cartoon tattoo you thought was a good idea when you were 17! A lace shrug can give you two looks on the day, have a traditional sleeve during the day then take off your bolero and have a strapless dress to party the night in without feeling restricted! Whatever your reason for having a shrug or jacket have a look at our collection to see which would suit you!

Veils – not just to ward off evil spirits! Ok that was the traditional theory where as now we just think they look romantic!

Long, short, plain, sparkly or with a lace edge, there are so many choices and you don’t have to keep it on all day either, so you can again change up the look from the service to the reception. Think about the details on your dress before you decide on the style of veil, you want the veil to become part of the look not stand out and clash! Take a look at our collection of veils to pick the perfect one for you!

The accessory choice is endless so spend a little time looking through our pages and find the perfect match for your dress,

Happy Shopping

Team BB xx