Merry Christmas to you all, we have one more lovely Bridal Box bride to get married in 2020, we are so excited for her ❤️



and I really do send so much love and best wishes to you all, you’ve been with us every step of the way in 2020 and we really appreciate the love and support you give us, 2021 is going to lead to brighter days with love and marriages to celebrate- don’t forget that love makes the world go around!

To all of our wedding and events friends, hang on in there, it’s been a tough year, at a time when we all need a hug we send virtual ones to you all, we miss you!
To Team BB past and present, I’m sending loads of love, hugs and positivity! Thank you for your support, love and laughs, in a year when we haven’t seen much of each other – it’s been weird! I’ve missed you
So to end the Oscars style speech let me say Happy Christmas to you all, Your Christmas may be different to how you had planned it, but a healthy one is still something to celebrate ❤️
Lots of love from Team BB aka the Wedding elves xx