Working by appointment only we schedule our time to work with brides to be in a relaxed way, we take our time and get to know about you and your wedding.
Why do we work by appointment you may ask, well, we love the calm environment when we are just taking care of one bride at a time. Not everyone feels confident whilst standing in front of a mirror and we get that, you want to feel free to say what ever you want to say without worrying about other people being around, your time with us is your own and it doesn’t have to be shared, in the words of McFly, ‘It’s all about YOU!’
Appointments can often get changed due to illness and work so availability becomes available at short notice, always check with us if you are looking to come in and can’t plan ahead as we may be able to fit you in!
If you would like to book in or know someone who does simply get in touch!
01803 292222, Pm us or email [email protected]
We can’t wait to see you