• Start when you are ready, for some it’s straight away for others it takes a bit of time to get used to the idea!!
  • Bring only those most trusted of people in your life, you don’t need to bring everyone to keep THEM happy, this is about you, keep it stress free, you can always show them when you have picked ‘The One!’
  • Shop when you are ready to buy, the magic of falling for a dress can happen when you least expect it, be prepared!
  • Set a budget and let us know, let us work with you to find that perfect dress!
  • Come in open minded, you have nothing to loose by trying on different styles, thats part of the fun!
  • Move about in the dresses, see the colours in natural lighting and make sure you are comfortable, we want to make sure you are going to enjoy wearing it ALLLLLLLLLL day and night!!
  • Follow your heart, this needs to be the dress that makes you do a little happy dance or swish!
  • Enjoy it!
We work by appointment to give you the time and attention you deserve but if you pop along and we are appointment free we won’t turn you away!
We are here to take away any wedding dress stress you may have, we can’t wait to meet you 🙂 xxx