We are a member – hooray! So what does it mean for our brides?
The biggest plus point for you is this,

Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance

Since 2005, Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance has provided brides and their partners with affordable insurance cover in the event of cancellation, re-arrangement and other losses, not only on the wedding day itself, but in the run up to the big day too.

Now, in an exclusive offer to our brides, Dreamsaver is offering £1,000 FREE* WEDDING ATTIRE INSURANCE to brides who purchase their gown from a BBRA member retailer. To take advantage of this offer and the peace of mind that it brings, brides need only call 01483 562 662 to activate their FREE* WEDDING ATTIRE INSURANCE, within 14 days of their purchase.

ONLY BBRA retailers are able to bring their brides this exclusive offer of up to £1,000 insurance cover to help protect their their gown, and the deposit paid for it, absolutely free of charge.

Many couples take a leap of faith that everything will be perfect on the day. But, what if it isn’t… Arranging suitable wedding insurance will provide cover for many wedding day disasters that can be encountered.

So what other reason do you need to buy your dress from us, we are here to look after you every step of the way 🙂