Calling all brides, Calling all brides roll up roll up for the great Bride debate……… To wear a veil or to not wear a veil that is the question 🙂

You’re all excited you’ve bought your wedding dress and now its time to consider if a veil is for you? Lets compare long veils, short veils and birdcage veils

Long veils flow down the back of your dress and become part of the wedding dress so dress and veil become one, which can help to make a bride look taller.

Alternatively if you haven’t got a train on your wedding dress but want one you can create one with a long veil. The great advantage of this is when its time to put your dancing shoes on you can take the veil off and you’re ready to hit the dance floor.

Train Veils
Train Veils

A disadvantage of a floor length veil is the danger that people may stand on it!! This can easily be overcome by using the pageboys and ushers as your security guards for the day 🙂

Short Veils are often lighter making it more comfortable so you may wear your veil for longer, however just because the veils are shorter this doesn’t mean that a short veil will be cheaper than a long veil, the crystals and detail will determine the price of a veil rather than the amount of material.

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If the back of your wedding dress is heavily detailed you may feel a short veil is best so the detail on your wedding dress can be shown in all its splendour and not hidden away by your veil.

If you want lots of sparkle, sparkle, sparkle and we all know you can never have too much sparkle!!! Sparkly, or embellished veils are a great and easy way of adding extra sparkle or detail to your wedding dress. Alternatively if you feel your dress already has lots and lots of sparkle or detail you can keep your veil simple to compliment your amazing dress.

A long or short veil is also a great way of covering your arms and from our experience the covering of arms can often be high up on most brides lists of how to look on the big day.

Birdcage veils are a glamorous alternative to traditional veils sitting over the face to give you a vintage or retro look. Birdcage veils work great with tea length wedding dresses.

All of our wedding veils are attached to a comb making it easy for you to put the veil in and take out. This gives you the great advantage of flexibility on the big day so you can change your look throughout the day with the minimum of fuss.

Finally does the location of your wedding have an influence on your final decision? If you are having a traditional church wedding historically the wearing of a veil was said to help ward off evil spirits…. in this modern day there is probably an app to do that job for you now so don’t worry about when making your decision. Likewise if you are getting married in a registered venue it doesn’t mean you should not wear a veil.

We hope we have helped with the decision process and if you have made the decision that a veil is for you pop in to see us or view our veils online!

If you still need to talk your options through feel free to call us anytime on 01803 292222 and any of the Bridal Box team will be delighted to help.

Happy wedding planning!!