We see the highs and the lows in our little boutique, we see the happy tears and the sad. Weddings certainly are emotional things from the planning stage right through to the day, but it doesn’t need to be!
The two people that matter the most on the big day are the bride and groom, no one else, but sadly the bride and groom are often put in situations by their nearest and dearest that really should be avoided or just dealt with simply. Our advice to all brides and grooms is please yourselves 🙂 as long as you two stick together and agree on everything, from who sits where to who has what jobs to do on the day, nothing else matters! That is why lets face it you are going to stick together through thick and thin long after you’ve taken your vows and all the little niggles have long been forgotten.
Plant a massive smile on your face and enjoy YOUR wedding day 🙂 xx